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2017 Regional Clinic – Region 5 – Flint, MI

April 19, 2017

It was a small class of five including the two instructors, which made the class very personal and focused. We started the class with some self and partner massage with tennis balls. Then we did some occipital release and trapezius massage while lying on tables and sitting in chairs freeing chi that was stagnant around C6/C7 with massage. This was probably one of my favorite parts as I have long standing neck problems. We finished warming up with some longevity exercises and body washing.

Next, we moved into basic movements of Ki Gong, breathing and Hyang Gong. We had a discussion about the six sounds of healing: xu, he, si, chui, xi, and hu and their corresponding organs/energy pathways. This was interesting to me because it was new material to me. I really need to buy a book. 

Lastly, we closed with silk reeling and meditation. We did brain challenging exercises with figure eights and both hands moving opposite directions. We watched a video of a Buddhist monk explaining that meditation does not have to be concentrating on nothing, but at times is focusing on something to keep our monkey minds busy to just concentrate, and take the focus internally. 

We laid on pillows made of folded table cloths and meditated focusing on breathing. I think almost all of us fell asleep at some point it was sooo relaxing. We meditated for thirty min. Then as we all got up and realized how cold it was in the room, we took group photos. It was a great Ki Gong lesson. Hopefully we will see you next time!

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