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2018 Annual Clinic – San Diego, CA

September 14-16, 2018

The World Ki Gong clinic, hosted by Region 20, was held at Mission San Luis Rey on Sept 14-16. Each WKGC clinic I have attended was special in some aspect and this one was not an exception. A few of the original WKG members who had not been able to attend the past few clinics were back in attendance. There were also many new attendees including 1986 WTSD World Champion Master Kenny Purnell. In fact, this clinic broke the record for number of attendees.

This clinic also introduced new features of the club under the direction of director Master Michael Inoshita. The clinic provided a teaching track in addition to novice and advanced tracks. The teaching track enabled discussion and suggestions for those starting to teach WKG classes. A manual and new promotion processes are being created for the club.

The club foundation and traditions created by KCN Shin are thriving. Grandmaster Strong attended the clinic and led several exercises including Eight Pieces of Brocade and Grand Martial Tradition. The group walked the Labyrinth at the Mission. Also, partly as an homage to the early days of the clinic at Asilomar, there was a labyrinth walk on the beach.

The annual clinic provides an opportunity to learn new ki gong exercises’, refine exercises’ that one have previously learned and delve more deeply into the theory behind the exercises’. It is also a chance to reconnect with old friends and make new ones. I left feeling refreshed and reenergized.

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