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2018 World Championship Clinics – Greensboro, NC

July 11, 2018

I attended two Ki Gong clinics at the World Championships. They were taught by Master Inoshita and Mr. John Robertson. I’m a beginner, so my knowledge of Ki Gong is limited. The first class demonstrated the basic movements. The second was a traditional Tai Chi form. 

The instructors played off each other with knowledge peppered with a bit of humor. Being a serious Tang Soo Do practitioner, I was not expecting such a low-key environment. It was light-hearted. I had fun being there! The attitude of the instructors and the fellow classmates made everyone feel welcome throughout the spectrum from beginner to advanced to students. 

The instructors were experts in their field. They were easy to approach with questions and did not hesitate to answer everyone’s questions – and there were a lot of them. 

I left these classes energized and little bit wiser then when I walked in. I learned as much as I could absorb – luckily Mr. Robertson has some great videos on YouTube for reference afterwards. I also learned more about the history and philosophy of the World Ki Gong. It is an example of the more you know, the more know how little you know – a beginning to another life-long practice.

The Ki Gong classes that I received at the Tang Soo Do World Championship was an amazing experience for me. Definitely the management of vital energy (Ki) represents the integration of body, mind, and spirit that is an important part of Tang Soo Do. The techniques of personal development and energy management that I learned in the different seminaries that the Masters Robertson and Inoshita gave opens a new perspective for me and it allows me to improve my potential in the martial arts. At the same time, they allowed me to share in my country and academy the things I learned with the hope of learning even more. My thanks for the Masters and for the World Tang Soo Do Association for giving me the opportunity to enjoy this experience.

The Ki Gong classes I took at worlds were an interesting experience to me. I was excited to find that I felt like I had began an understanding of this thing that was super complex to me half a year ago. I love that I mostly seem to over think Ki Gong, I find the practice so far is making it less complex its the simple answers that I find most profound. Breathing might be the simplest thing for me to talk about at the moment. Using my breath to use more power, or gain deeper flexibility is awesome to me. 

Also There’s these “massages” for example that are simple to do that I’ve shared with friends at Jett Dragon Tang Soo Do. That you do to your face and around the joints of your fingers, and toes. (To be funny I’ll suggest to my friends  doing the face after the toes) but it’s a beautiful feeling when you have relief in places you didn’t even know were pained. The philosophy is (other than being in the practice) probably my favorite. I love watching people learn of the 5 phases for the first time. Deeply thinking about the um and yang and it’s presence in nature. One of the first things I think most people do is apply it to their mortality (It’s what I did too). I love where that discussion leads. I love how nothing’s ever truly gone but at the same time in constant change. I can breath comfortably in this.

Back to breathing, these Ki Gong classes are excellent ways to remember to breathe the proper way – I happen to call it the ‘belly wave’ that breathing brings me into the room like no other. I’m taking part fully in the moment  when I remember to breath this way, and to the Ki Gong clinic at the world’s tournament was quite the place to be. Learning about traditional Chinese medicine is also one of the coolest subjects out there to me. Although its been around I felt the sense that I am at the forefront of something very wonderful in the WTSDA Ki Gong club. I know when Mr. Robertson leads us in swinging our arms I know the fun is about to begin, not to mention I believe I saw what appeared to be the beginnings a Ki Gong manual prepared by TSD Master Michael Inoshita. That was very exciting, the dedication to pass on this discipline gets me every time. But sharing in it and with people from all over the world was a wonderful opportunity I feel very lucky to had been apart of.

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