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2016 WTSDA World Championships Clinic – Greensboro, NC

July 16, 2016

The World Tang Soo Do Association World Championships are held biannually. 

This event is a chance for members of the association to meet for martial arts competition and camaraderie as well as to foster the feeling of family for which this International Association is well known. 

On July 16, 2016 the World Ki Gong Club offered a chance for World Tang Soo Do Association members to participate in a two-hour introductory clinic led by Master Schroeder and facilitated by members of World Ki Gong Club. 

This event was held on the competition floor so that the entire audience of around 2000 people could see and hear the event even if they did not participate directly.  

Participants heard some basic philosophy of Ki Gong, were treated to a warm up session followed by deep breathing, meditation and Tae Kuk Ki Gong.  

Reviews from those that attended were very positive and there was new interest in the club from those that did not previously know of this important healing discipline.

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