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2016 Regional Clinic – Region 3 & 5 – Wisconsin Dells, WI

November 4, 2016

On Friday November 4th, the day before the Midwest Extravaganza tournament, the World Ki Gong Club held a clinic for WSTDA members and their families. For a few hours in the afternoon, 31 people took advantage of a chance to learn about Ki Gong and its health benefits.

During the clinic, we got the opportunity to practice the 18 Tae Kuk form and silk reeling with Mr. Robertson, Ki Cho Ki gong with Mrs. Wickstrom, and Hyang Gong 1 and 2 with Ms. Ekmark.

We also learned about the longevity benefits of Ki Gong from Master Inoshita. Anyone who has followed Grandmaster Shin’s Ki Gong DVD has experienced some of these longevity exercises. I found it very beneficial to go through them with lots of explanation about each exercise and as well found the additions to Grandmaster Shin’s original set of exercises helpful.

Grandmaster Strong spent an hour working with us on building ki through the breath. We took some time practicing and learning how to use our breathing to build core strength and focus our ki through different exercises and ways to breathe. The experience was challenging and powerful.

Any black belts who were able to stay for the clinic the day after the tournament got the opportunity to work for another hour with Grandmaster Strong, going over building ki through the breath, this time focusing on how the practice of Ki Gong helps our Tang Soo Do. We practiced using the breath to build power and extend ki specifically for strikes and blocks. We definitely got a few ideas to take back to our dojangs to share.

There are many reasons why we practice Ki Gong. We could do it for relaxation, for better health, to de-stress, or to improve our martial arts. When we come together to participate in these clinics it gives a chance to get a different viewpoint and to extend our knowledge. As well, there is something energizing about working in a bigger group, with people who have the same need for expanding what they know and sharing in the experience together. 

Our group was relaxed and happy at the end of the four hours, and in such a short time we got a lot of practice in. I hope next year more people will join us!

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