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2014 Unveiling of KCN Shin’s Statue

July 20, 2014

Kwan Chang Nim Jae C. Shin’s statue has one side of the plinth dedicated to the World Ki Gong Club and reads:

Jae Chul Shin

Founder of the World Ki Gong Club First Clinic Held On January 18 2003  in Philadelphia, PA USA Club established in May 2003

Mission Statement

The World Ki Gong Club is dedicated to the development of Ki Gong for the mutual benefit of all. We will promote the philosophical framework of Ki Gong practice. We seek to open channels to reach advanced Masters in the field of Ki Gong and will assist in the training and teaching of the science, art and philosophy of Ki Gong. We share a belief that our world not only needs but also desires Ki Gong practice and that regular practice will create a healthier more vibrant society.

Grandmaster Shin wanted to share the science, art and philosophy with his students because he felt that in order to live a quality life, a person needed to pay attention to health from the inside out.

Annual clinics held regularly since the inception of the club.

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