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2012 Annual Clinic – Gaberville, CA

September 21-23, 2012


Introduction and orientation — Tim Schroeder, Becky Rupp Warm up. Hand and foot massage — Tim Schroeder Ki Cho Ki Gong — Tim Schroeder Vita Flex Technique — Andrea Boldt Basics of Tuning Forks — Becky Rupp Meditation Types & Healing Meditation — Tim Schroeder 


12 points, arm swinging and 100 paces — John Robertson 8 Step Tai Chi — John Robertson So Joo Chun — Tim Schroeder Six Healing Sounds — Tim Schroeder Free time at park and visitors center Drive to new location ~ Founders Tree walking meditation through redwoods Oh Hang Gong Theory & Practice — Tim Schroeder Yak Son Ki Gong  Silk Reeling — John Robertson Tae Kuk Ki Gong 1-18 Detail & Practice — Tim Schroeder 12 points, arm swinging and 100 paces — John Robertson Yong Moon Gong Discussion and questions Blue Shirts Meeting


Hyang Gong 12 points, arm swinging and 100 paces — John Robertson Labyrinth meditation walk — John Robertson Moving Tae Kuk Ki Gong 1-9 — Tim Schroeder Drive & meet at Redwood Park  Graduation — Tim Schroeder, Becky Rupp


  1. John Robertson introduced Eight Step T’ai Chi Ch’uan, Hand Swinging and 12 Points Tapping.

  2. Lupe Thomas named west coast director.

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