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2011 Annual Clinic – Sedona, AZ

June 24-26, 2011

Sedona is a magical little town in northern Arizona. People also call it Red Rock Country, properly so due to the red earth and red-rock formations. 

The contrast between the red rocks, occasional yellow sandstone, the various shades of the green vegetation and the blue sky create an incomparable beauty only to be accentuated by the changing sunlight throughout the day. 

This was the perfect place to hold the combined West Coast and East Coast World Ki Gong Clinic, June 24-26. 

As a first time attendee, I had no real idea of what to expect. My only guess was that we were going to be doing non-stop ki gong exercises all day; however it was much more than that. The clinic was a very well-balanced combination of indoor ki gong exercises, informative lectures and outdoor ki gong related activities. In the mornings and in the evenings, we were mostly outdoors. 

During the middle of the day on Saturday, we were indoors sheltered from the heat, listening to interesting lectures on Types of Breathing and Meditation by Grand Master Shin and Nutrition by Michelle Ross.

For the outdoor activities, we visited four vortex points: Airport, Cathedral Rock, Bell Rock and Chapel of the Holy Cross. Friday evening, before experiencing the first vortex, Ron McLain, a vortex specialist, told us about them in a short lecture. After arriving at each vortex, an experienced World Ki Gong Club member, such as Master Sandy Lipstein, Grand Master Shin and Mary Mars, would lead us in some ki gong exercise.

The ki gong exercises done before and after coming back from the vortex trips at the conference center and at the hotel were led at different times by Grand Master Shin, John Robertson, Master Tim Schroeder, Mary Mars and Rolf Godon.

Saturday night after coming back from Bell Rock, we were divided into two groups: beginners (who were wearing white shirts) and non-beginners (who were wearing yellow and blue shirts).

While the more advanced members were having their meeting, the beginners were at a hands-on, feet-washing lecture led by Lupe Thomas. After a long day, massaging our own feet while washing, rinsing and drying them, felt like a little piece of heaven. Then we switched groups.

With Master Schroeder, we had a chance to learn about how we can advance in the World Ki Gong Club if we want to, the different levels within the club, and the club’s site content. We also had the opportunity to play around with our ki in order for us to be more aware of it and be able to scan a person to feel their ki and possibly their current or previous injuries.

The clinic’s atmosphere was calm yet upbeat, charged with a lot of positive energy. Everyone was very nice, helpful and welcoming. For being my first time, it did not take long before I felt at home with everyone, regardless of level in the World Ki Gong Club or rank in Tang Soo Do. It was great meeting people from all over the United States and even Germany.

Overall, I had a great time and would highly recommend others to go to the World Ki Gong Club clinics. It was an amazing hands-on learning experience. Thank you to all who were involved in one way or another for making this clinic possible.

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