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WTSDA and World Ki Gong

Jae C. Shin traveled to the United States of America in 1968 as a representative for the Korean Soo Bahk Do Association. During that same year, he established the United States Tang Soo Do Federation at his first school in Burlington, New Jersey. Tang Soo Do grew in popularity throughout America and the world. After 14 years of Tang Soo Do promotion, the organization was reorganized to fit new demands internationally. The Charter convention for the World Tang Soo Do Association (WTSDA) was held in Philadelphia on November 13-14, 1982. The advent of the WTSDA marked a new era for the development of the traditional martial art of Tang Soo Do, and the WTSDA grew to become a respected world leader in martial arts.

Over the years, Grandmaster Shin gradually introduced the WTSDA to the beginnings of the World Ki Gong curriculum. Elements of the Longevity/Rejuvenation set were taught at the first Dan Camps and Master’s clinics. The fundamental principles of Ki Gong were discussed in Grandmaster Shin’s first book Traditional Tang Soo Do Volume I – The Essence, which was published in 1992. Grandmaster Shin continued to study Ki Gong methods, and he formed World Ki Gong in 2003 to propagate its study. Ki Gong was again prominent in Grandmaster Shin’s last book, Traditional Tang Soo Do Volume VI – The Master’s Training Text, which was published in 2012. Under Grandmaster Shin’s guidance, World Ki Gong developed and incorporated several medical Ki Gong sets such as Hyang Gong, Yong Moon Gong, Tae Kuk Ki Gong, O Hang Gong, Soo Ju Choon, and Yuk Jah Kyul.

The World Tang Soo Do Association entered the 21st century striving for greater organizational growth, while maintaining close attention to the development of each individual student. Maintaining the health and vitality of our students, friends, and family is the purpose of World Ki Gong.

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