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Suggested Class Schedules

Weekly Ki Gong Classes

A suggested weekly one-hour class schedule for introductory to Level 2 material: Week 10:00Warm-up Exercises & Brief Lecture0:20Gi Cho Ki Gong0:40Arm Swinging or Shaking0:50Meditation1:00Closing Week 20:00Longevity Ki Gong1:00Closing Week 30:00Warm-up Exercises & Brief Lecture0:20Gi Cho Ki Gong0:40Shaking Meditation0:50Meditation1:00Closing Week 40:00Warm-up Exercises & Brief Lecture0:20Four Hands Knocking0:23Silk Reeling0:26Blood Circulation Exercises0:30Meditation1:00Closing Week 50:00Theory – Ying/Yang, 5 Phases, Three Treasures0:40Review of Longevity or Gi Cho Ki Gong1:00Closing

Monthly Ki Gong Classes

A suggested 3 hour monthly class schedule covering all introductory material: 0:00Longevity Ki Gong1:00Warm-up Ki Gong1:20Arm Swinging1:50Break2:00Ki Cho Ki Gong or Ki Cho Ki Gong Form2:20Silk Reeling or Shaking2:30Meditation3:00Closing

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