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World Ki Gong Symbols

The six stars on the patch indicate that World Ki Gong is practiced on six continents.

The Um Yang represents the concept of opposing yet complimentary forces.

The belt indicates that learning Ki Gong is part of mastery of Tang Soo Do.

The posture of seated meditation indicates that, while World Ki Gong is part of a martial arts organization, the function of Ki Gong is to improve health, clarity, and vitality.

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The figure on World Ki Gong shirts was taken from Yuk Keun Kyung (Muscle Tendon Change, Yi Jin Jing). This Ki Gong is attributed to Da Mo (Bodhidharma) at the Shaolin Temple, indicating the historic martial nature of Ki Gong.

The orbits are a representation of the quantum nature of all energy, including Ki.

The four colors represent the levels of practice in World Ki Gong.

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