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White Shirt Requirements

Level I

Members are responsible for submitting a membership application to World Ki Gong. Once membership is accepted, the student may purchase a beginner uniform and begin practice in a World Ki Gong program.

Level II

Students must complete the following: 

  1. Maintain good standing in World Ki Gong.

  2. Minimum 12 months practice.

  3. 30 units certified practice.

  4. Read and understand the World Ki Gong Manual.

  5. Demonstrate competence in the following Ki Gong exercises:

  6. Seated Meditation (Sun), 30 minutes

  7. Standing Mediation (Cham Jang Gong), 30 minutes

  8. Basic Ki Gong (Gi Cho Ki Gong)

  9. Shaking Ki Gong (Pahl Du Pahl Shik)

  10. Arm Swinging Ki Gong (Pahl Be Woon Dong)

  11. Dish Silk Reeling Exercise (Jun Sah Gong)

  12. Basic Rejuvenation Set (Bo Kun Jang Soo Gong)

Students who have achieved Level II may lead Ki Gong classes in Basic Ki Gong and Basic Meditation, with permission from the World Ki Gong Director and upon assignment of a Ki Gong Mentor.

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