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Rules and Procedures in Ki Gong Class

From its beginning, World Ki Gong has included both martial arts students and non martial arts members of the community. Grandmaster Shin was firm in his belief that Ki Gong practice should be conducted in an informal environment devoid of formal martial arts practices such as calling to attention and recognition of rank. In World Ki Gong, it is common for senior martial arts practitioners to introduce themselves by their first name, including our founder Jae. This custom continues to be modeled by our current Grandmasters, Bob and Bill. Despite how odd it may feel, Tang Soo Do students are strongly encouraged to follow this custom during formal Ki Gong classes in order to be welcoming to non-martial arts participants. This custom should not be applied if the Ki Gong practice is occurring as part of a formal Tang Soo Do class or event.

It is recognized that states of health may differ significantly among participants. Students are encouraged to modify techniques, sit, and even stop practice as they feel the need.

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