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Purpose of Training

The practice of Ki Gong has had many purposes historically in China. Ki Gong practice has been advocated as a scholarly study, medical practice, martial arts, and spiritual study. Under the direction of Grandmaster Shin, World Ki Gong developed Ki Gong sets for the purpose of improving health.

World Ki Gong practice is composed of two general classes of Ki Gong – martial and medical. Martial Ki Gong was described by Grandmaster Shin as a way to develop Ki power. One purpose of this discipline is to increase quickly the Ki power in our body and to release or redirect the collected latent energy as our body demands it. General characteristics distinctive of martial Ki Gong are the use of isometric contractions, assertive stretching, and pauses in abdominal breathing (Dan Jun Ho Heup). While Ki Gong sets were initially developed for martial arts, over the centuries medical practitioners have adjusted these practices to improve strength and vitality in their patients.

Medical Ki Gong are traditional Ki Gong sets that are generally gentle and relaxed exercises designed to rid the body of toxic emotions and stress, gather and store positive energy for improved life span, and improve cognitive/emotional health. These exercises are easily modified to meet the mobility and energetic needs of all practitioners.

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