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Ki Gong Practice Types

The physical actions of Ki Gong can be divided into four basic practice types:

  1. Static meditation 

  2. Rhythmic movements

  3. Massage

  4. Purposeful movement (sometimes called moving meditation)

Depending upon your stage in life, the method and the purpose of the Ki Gong you choose to practice will vary. World Ki Gong has developed a variety practices in all four types of Ki Gong. After a basic foundation in each of the four types of Ki Gong practice, each subsequent level of the World Ki Gong curriculum is adapted to the needs of each individual practitioner.

Historically, Ki Gong practice has a variety energetic purposes in oriental medicine and martial arts. Purposes include:

  1. Improve Ki flow

  2. Gather and store Ki (tonification)

  3. Remove toxic energy (purification)

  4. Transform energy

  5. Produce efficient movement by harmonizing intention, energy and breath

When practicing Ki Gong, both the physical action of the body and the intention of the mind (what you are thinking) affect the practice. On a basic level, coordinating the breathing and movement together can be sufficient to promote relaxation and health. Once mind and body are coordinated, more advanced practice can be pursued through visualization of energy. 

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