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Do (Tao) – The Way

The concept of Do, or the way of nature, was initially discussed by Grandmaster Shin in the book Traditional Tang Soo Do Volume I – The Essence. There he stated how the concept of Do is associated with the famous Chinese philosopher Lao Tze and Taoist philosophy. The ultimate goal of Tang Soo Do, becoming one with nature, can be attributed to the influence of Taoist philosophy in traditional Korean martial arts and Ki Gong.

Grandmaster Shin stated that healthy living, cultivating one’s temperament, and breathing exercises (Ki Gong) can be traced back to Lao Tze. Understanding the concept of the way is therefore important to true understanding Ki Gong. He said that following the way of nature should lead to tranquility, repose, and self-cultivation to keep fit for a higher life expectancy.

Taoist philosophy contains two concepts which are essential to the practice of Ki Gong. The first is P’u, or the uncarved block. P’u is the idea that natural power exists when things are kept in their original simplicity, and this power can be lost as changes occur. The ideogram for P’u is often translated as natural, simple, plain, or honest.

The second concept is Wu Wei. Wu Wei is often translated as doing without doing, but literally it means without doing, causing, or making. The mechanics of Wu Wei are like water flowing over and around rocks in its path. Water changes the landscape by being in harmony with the natural rhythms of the environment- it does without doing.

Practice Ki Gong to become one with nature and yourself. Remember to keep it simple, plain, and honest and that trying too hard may slow your progress. With persistence, you may change your own landscape.

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