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Association Functions

All students that participate in World Ki Gong training are entitled to become a member of World Ki Gong, a program administered by the World Tang Soo Do Association. To join, students submit a membership application with a membership fee. Both annual and gold lifetime memberships are available.

The following is a partial list of the functions and benefits of membership in World Ki Gong.

Training, Certification, and Verification

World Ki Gong provides a variety of workshops, clinics, and seminars to members with all levels of experience to help improve techniques and knowledge. Members have access to experienced instructors, who are sincerely interested in sharing their techniques and knowledge.

World Ki Kong provides training and instructor certification as outlined in this manual. Instructor certification is associated with a nominal fee.

The WTSDA keeps records of all members, including those in World Ki Gong. A member’s credentials will be released only if it is to the member’s advantage after consent of the appropriate official.

Training and Advertising Materials

World Ki Gong members are eligible to obtain supplies for training (e.g., clothing, books, videos) and for World Ki Gong advertising through the WTSDA headquarters.

Legitimacy and Technical Standardization

The WTSDA is known for its traditionalism and professionalism. The WTSDA and World Ki Gong uses standardization to preserve techniques and theories.


World Ki Gong provides information to members through a variety of routes, including newsletters, social media, websites, and e-mail. These routes are intended to promote learning and sharing for members. Communication includes general announcements as well as forums to exchange open or individual questions.


Members should discover the rewarding experience of belonging to a “family” organization. The camaraderie of World Ki Gong and the WTSDA will significantly assist each member in developing every aspect of self (mind, body, and spirit).

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