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Kristina Ohlson

WKG Instructor

WKG Level V


This morning Ki Gong class is a guided 30 minute practice for all ages and abilities.

Ki Gong is a system of movements that stimulate the mind, body and spirit. Ki is the energy that moves through the body. Gong is the method of balancing the energy in your body to improve health and wellness. Ki Gong is an ancient healing art and is available to all people regardless of age or physical condition. Benefits of practice include:

increased flexibility, metabolism and circulation

improved balance, strength and respiratory control

reduced stress

Ki Gong is a gentle form of exercise and can be done standing or sitting.

Location: San Rafael, CA (Online)

Password is: breathe

Schedule: Monday-Friday @ 7:00 AM Pacific Time (30 min.)

Type: Online

Cost: Classes are donation based, suggested donation is $5, no one turned away for lack of funds.

Kristina Ohlson



+1 (415) 828-9323

San Rafael, CA, USA

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