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Carla Ek

WKG Instructor

WKG Level V


Ki Gong is a system of movements designed to develop the mind, body, and spirit. Exercises focus on circulatory, respiratory, and Ki-Energy systems of the body. This class does not have impact movements and is geared towards students with limited range of motion. Anyone that sits for long hours, have a healing injury or a health issue that restricts their body can benefit from this class. Improve posture, balance, concentration and relaxation with easy to follow physical exercises.

Taught by Carla Ek, a level five (blue shirt) certified instructor of World Ki Gong Club. Carla is also a second degree blackbelt with WTSDA. Class structure includes warming up head to toe, shaking to fun music, movement sets, and meditation.

Type: Online

Schedule: Monday 10:00 AM, Thursday 10:00 AM Central Time

Location: Austin, Texas

Cost: $12 per class or $68 unlimited

Carla Ek



+1 (512) 797-6580

Austin, TX, USA

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