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2014 Annual Clinic – Lake Tahoe, CA

September 26-28, 2014

As I boarded my plane, I contemplated what I may accomplish over the next four days. I wondered what lessons I might learn, and what new practices I could use to-compliment my current Tang Soo Do training. Furthermore, within my being, I held a very important question, which I needed an answer to. I was embarking on a journey that I assumed would give me an answer to that question. After all, I was about to participate in a weekend of meditation, healing, and energy flow.

This was my first time attending the World Ki Gong Clinic and as I arrived in Lake Tahoe, I felt a sense of uneasiness, yet I was hopeful. I did not know what to expect and I never met many of the people I would be conversing with over the next three days. I felt a small amount of panic, only to realize there were many people who felt the same way. 

For anyone who has participated in Ki Gong activities at a Black Belt clinic or other functions, this was above and beyond the traditional basic movements we have been taught. The weekend consisted of Ki Gong basics, Ki Gong forms, educational workshops (natural herbal remedies, mindfulness, microcosmic orbit), deep meditations, breathing practice, acupressure basics, and more advanced levels of practice for advanced students. The weekend inspired each individual to connect with themselves on a deeper level, yet make new friends and establish new energy bonds as well. The clinic provided a framework for beginners, served as a forum for the mutual exchange of information, and provided a unique experience for each and every person who attended. 

Those in attendance also witnessed a very special event- the World Ki Kong Club, under the nomination, from Grandmaster Beaudoin, elected its first Level VII red shirts. 

The weekend also taught me several important lessons. Below I share just a few of many.

  1. Lesson #1- The more you concentrate on seeking a conclusion, the more difficult it becomes.

  2. Lesson #2- All things will make sense, only when I have found peace. Do not seek either in the opposite order. 

  3. Lesson #3- Only I can truly decide how I am treated and how I treat others. No one else can decide for me.

Lastly, recall that question I told you I was looking for an answer? I never found it. I never solved the only puzzle I set out to solve on my journey across the country. What I did find was a lot of self-reflection, an ample amount of internal cleansing of my soul, and the notion that despite what path I do decide to take, I will be okay as I walk it, and for that- I am forever grateful.

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