Wear wigs, according to remy hair extensions their own preferences, choose a cheap hair extensions variety of different forms of hair, such as youth, wave, freestyle. Wear wigs, we must always comb, comb the wig to light, to prevent the wig off, the best combed every day again. Wash the wig, the hair extensions first hair combed after the wash, while washing the side comb, can not hand rub, do not put all the headgear in the water, to clip in hair extensions prevent the wig mess. Wigs should not be washed, the general half months to January can be washed once.
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Membership will be limited to registered World Tang Soo Do members and their direct family members. All other applicants will be examined as to their adaptability to our club. Please contact the World Tang Soo Do Association for more information:

1 (215) 468-2121


Use attached application form. If not a registered member of the World Tang Soo Do Association, the club will have the right to examine to adoption. If refused, the fee will be refunded.


Annual membership fee will be $10.00 for administration expenses such as running web site, newsletters etc.

Gold membership is available for a one time fee of $100 and entitles you to lifetime membership and additional benefits. Click here for more information

Instructor's certification fee will be $10.00. Individuals only need to apply for upgraded certification only.

Materials are available for purchase from WTSDA Headquarters only
     Membership will be verified at WTSDA Headquarters before your order is shipped.
     Shipping and Handling charges will be added to your order.
Available Accessories:
Training tape (1 1/2 Hrs) $25.00 + S/H
Training clothes T-shirts and pants(set) $30.00 + S/H
Book- Dr. Yang's Ki gong $25.00 + S/H
Ki gong advertising out door banner $150.00 + S/H

Levels of training:
 Level I BeginnerWhite Shirt
 Level II StudentWhite Shirt
 Level III PractitionerYellow Shirt
 Level IV Advanced PractitionerYellow Shirt
 Level V InstructorBlue Shirt
 Level VI Advanced Instructor TherapistBlue Shirt
 Level VII Master Instructor TherapistRed Shirt
 Level VIII Ki gong SaRed Shirt


The club will assist in local advertising by supplying designs, photos and posters. However, it is the responsibility of each individual studio owner to request/purchase these items from the WTSDA.


In addition to our newsletter, our website is intended to be used as a learning and sharing channel for members.

  • Forum of exchange of information-open or individual question(s) to all members information. Questions, answers, comments, etc by subject.
  • Sending to all web receivers the important announcements concerning lectures. or advanced teachings via internet learning system.
  • E-mail to individual or group for special topics/witness/problems for open forum.

Webmaster: Mr. Jeff Schwartz    E-mail: webmaster@worldkigong.com

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